assembly district 78

Vote on January 13th, 1-3pm, Musicians Association of San Diego County, 1717 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110


Bold climate action 

Equal pay for women 

Medicare for all

Paid family sick leave

Universal preschool

Tuition-free college

Community public schools

 Charter school accountability 

Strong support for unions and policies that support working families 

PLAs on public projects 

Living wage 

Criminal justice reform 

End to money bail

Reform of financial industry 

Repeal of republican tax cuts

Transit oriented infill

Inclusionary housing 

Racial, economic, environmental justice

Habitat conservation 

Divesting from big oil 

Fracking ban

Publicly financed elections

Endorsing progressive candidates

Secure retirement

Prop 13 reform

Abolishment of student debt 

Repeal of Costa Hawkins 

Robust public transit support

Gun violence prevention